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Antioxidants "Mighty Cancer Weapons" is an informative, well written book given to us by a lay person skilled in research and medical knowledge. The author, Thomas Lupich, effectively describes in easy terms what antioxidants are, what they do, how and why they work and when they should be taken.

It is nice to see "laypeople detectives" helping the medical field advance patient knowledge in such concise and accurate easy to understand terms. As a Complementary and Alternative medical provider skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Biochemistry, I too have learned much on the topic of antioxidants that will be useful in my practice.

I encourage anyone interested in improving their health and understanding on a cellular level of how the body works and what it needs to function optimally, to read this book and consider the implications-both positive and neutral involved in using antioxidants as a daily means of supporting your immune system and reversing illness and promoting health. It is a known fact that on a cellular level, the cause of any and all chronic illness is the inability to utilize oxygen in an optimal manner.

As the author points out, none of these therapies suggested should take precedence over a physician or medical provider’s advice. This by no means implies that these therapies cannot or should not be considered as part of your medical management either as preventive therapy or as an adjunct to current medical management. It is wise that you discuss these therapies with your practitioner and if they have no knowledge of these therapies, consider seeking alternative physicians who are aware. And, although it is unlikely that any damage would ever come to a person taking antioxidants, one must weigh the pros and cons against the risk and benefits based on each individual case.

As a bio oxidative therapist with years of experience utilizing ozone therapy to achieve maximum oxygen utilization to all tissues, I find this book may shine light and understanding and give credence to those with minimal to moderate knowledge regarding the use of antioxidant therapy.

In closing, I would like to congratulate the author on his successful attempt at informing the public about the use of this valuable form of medical intervention known as antioxidant therapy and look forward to other well researched non-medical practitioner written unbiased information on different topics that can be shared with and understood by the patient based population.

Congrats. Mr. Lupich!!!
Mark James Bartiss, MD

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About the Book

There are scores of natural therapies by which cancer cells can be destroyed. The author being a long tern student of alternative cancer therapies has focused on one modality in particular, which also uses powerful antioxidants that can also do many beneficial things for cancer patients, besides using antioxidants as a way of killing cancer cells.

In addition to the varied benefits of antioxidants for cancer patients, he observed a cancer patient on an antioxidant protocol, who appeared to have full remission of eight-year breast cancer, which had metastasized to her brain. (Only one victim out of a thousand survives brain cancer.) Her doctors were “flabbergasted” when seeing the results of her self-chosen six-month protocol. The basic mechanism behind the effectiveness of this protocol is the fact that cancers cannot be exposed to sustained inordinate negative electric charge, such as can be provided by antioxidants. Her experience with antioxidants motivated Thomas to write this book for cancer patients, their families and oncologists. This book emphasizes an extremely powerful antioxidant: silica hydride.

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About the Author

He is a retired electrical designer from Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory and a taiji instructor who is interested in science and health. Thomas Lupich is the preceptor of the International Society of Seekers of the Truth.


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When this book had its inception, the intent was to inform cancer patients of the many positive things that AOs, and more specifically SH, because of its potency, could do for them in various ways. Since then, evidence has presented itself indicating that high potency AOs may also have the potential of being a cancer cure besides just being beneficial to orthodox or alternative cancer therapy.

When I first heard about SH, because of its potency as an antioxidant, I was determined to learn as much as I could about it. The reason that it is profoundly caught my attention was that I had spent some time visiting an alternative cancel clinic where one of its major modalities for treating cancer was its powerful antioxidant intravenous drip. I came to discover that SH had the capability of duplicating, in a generalized way, those drips because of SH’s extraordinary antioxidant power. I was also impressed with SH’s hydrating and alkalizing capabilities: very important factors when it comes to health, healing, and longevity. I was also delighted to find scientific studies on various aspects of SH that show SH’s effectiveness in these areas.

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